Thursday, 18 March 2010

New update for weekend: v0.0.6 !

We're planning to make an update on this weekend. New version will be 0.0.6 and will have these new features:

  • Not only game music but game sounds can be adjustable now(after getting a 1 star rating for this!)
  • When you select a building, a pop-up will appear and you will be able to select some actions such as:
    • Sell building
    • Repair building
    • Upgrade building (for more defense points)
  • A new feature: Mines! Now you can buy and burry land mines to the route of the enemy units. However you need to be careful, they're harmful to your units as well! Mines explodes if a unit gets too close to them.
  • If we can make it happen, we'll add oil barrels. You'll be able to buy & use oil barrels. As you may have already known, they're strategically important and can severly damage enemy units & buildings.
  • Player units are slightly more responsive now. They used to keep attacking when they're under attack, although you asked them to move forward. This is fixed. If you move your units, they move no matter if they're under attack or not. If you stop them, they start attacking back though...
  • Level 4(captured trucks) is reworked.
  • If we can make it, we'll add a second game music truck, which is the result of a professional work.

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