Sunday, 14 March 2010

Version 0.0.4 and version 0.0.5 just after that ;)

We've uploaded version 0.0.4 to market on 14th, at 05:00 am. However, at 18:00 same day, we needed to make a patch so that made version 0.0.5, in the market now.

The first responses are awesome, really. Before uploading new version to market, the rating was 3.50 with 81 raters. At the time being, just after 18 hours it's 3.80 with 127 raters!

Download number goes somewhere between 13K - 14K as far as I see. Well, I think we really did a great job!

Here is 'what's new' thingy for version 0.0.5:

  • Team grouping is reworked - from scratch. It's much more straightforward now. I hope we'll not need to change this again.
  • Images for drilled oil & remaining enemy soldiers added (these were just plain texts before).
  • Under attack notifications have been added. When one of your buildings are under attack, you will see a notification on right-bottom of the screen.
  • Game items are faster now.
  • Diagonal speed problem: There was a little problem in unit's diagonal movements. They used to move 'faster' when their route is diagonal. That was because of a simple mathematical formula error, which is fixed now. They move at constant speed in all directions now.
  • Select mission screen added: Now we have one more screen where we list all available missions(levels). All mission except the first one is locked initially. As player makes progress, missions are unlocked. Once unlocked, player can go to screen and select any mission. This was something that we've been asked several times.
  • Enemy unit's responsiveness: When player attacks an enemy unit, other units around attacked one also attacks back. We've just added a new feature to units that we call as "Patrol range". I think this made it much more fun.
  • When a soldier explodes an oil barrel, his energy is not decreased(he's not hurt). Player item attacking an oil barrel used to lose some energy - which seem to be confusing for most. Therefore we've remove this feature. However other guys standing near oil barrels are hurt!
  • A P1 defect (about tanks) is fixed.
  • Turret images have changed. A simpler one is being used now.

Well, we've had a very busy weekend as you can see. I'm still not sure if I've missed anything :)

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